All In on Bernie’s Chalet Is Making a Comeback in 2021

When the Milwaukee Brewers take the field on April 1st, they will be playing at American Family Field. Not Miller Park. Many people are mad about this still which is an odd move. People seem to not understand that sponsorships change from time to time. Well, they are bringing something back that will make Brewers’ fans happy. Bernie’s Chalet is now coming back after being called ‘Bernie’s Dugout’ for the last 20 years. The slide looks almost a bit bigger and where Bernie finishes looks awesome with the new Brewers logo waiting for him.

There is no reason they cannot bring back the beer mug too while we’re at it. Look, I know the kids would need to be explained why Bernie is sliding into beer, but there is a large-ass Miller Lite sign right next to him. It’s not like we’re trying to ignore drinking at the stadium. It happens. Little Johnny can aspire to slide into a beer mug too, why not? Regardless, it’s a cool set-up. There is an old-school element to this blended with some of the newer stuff too. Cannot wait to see this in action when the Brewers are hitting dingers in a few weeks.


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