Are Brewers Changing Colors? An Investigation

Milwaukee Brewers released their Spring Training schedule yesterday, and they showed some different colors than their usual blue and gold. The colors were more blue and yellow with the ball and glove logo in the left upper-hand corner. Could we be seeing Milwaukee go back to their old school ways? We’ve seen this from teams time and again. It could also be that we’re looking too far into it because it’s mid-November and we’re all missing baseball far too much. The logo and the colors are what Milwaukee wears during Spring Training thus that’s why they change the colors.

We have a long way to go before talking about Spring Training. I’m mildly excited about Brewers now, but that could change depending on what happens in the coming months. There’s a very chance it could be Major League: “Who are theses fuckin guys?!” And if that’s the case, I need to mentally prepare for bad baseball all summer long.


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