Lakefront Brewery Now Putting Beers In Cans

I’m not sure how many know this, but my next door neighbor is Lakefront Brewery. They’re good people with good food and good beer. Do I sometimes get like an old man and bitch about how many people are parked around my tight road into my parking lot? Perhaps. But all in all, I hope for success for one of the staples of Milwaukee’s craft brewing game. Lakefront announced a major step by making their most famous beer, Riverwest Stein, into cans. It took Lakefront awhile to get into the can game, but they’re finally here.

A year or two ago, I spent some time at Ray’s, one of the best places in the entire earth, a beer distributor told me how cans were the wave of the future with craft beer. The reason being is the cans were more environmentally-friendly, and the beer was felt to be colder with the use of cans. Bottles are still at thing, but cans are becoming the standard for craft beer. Lakefront Brewery is a little behind the times, but it appears they are going to slowly catch up with their beers. If I had to guess, they will can Fixed Gear and their IPA next which are two of their most popular beers.

I’m sure these cans will be cracked over the long weekend.


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