Manziel Tweets Trump Then Deletes Account

There’s never a dull day with Johnny Manziel on Twitter. Last night, we saw him at the New England Patriots game repping gear for the ‘GOAT’ Tom Brady as he called it. This afternoon, he basically told President Donald Trump to ignore the haters. In one of those weird ‘What the fuck universe am I on’, Manziel gave great advice. The type of advice people are trying to pass along to the President for days, weeks and months. To just stop being such a thin-skinned human being. Alas, he doesn’t listen.

Manziel would go on to interact with TexasAgs, a Texas A&M fan site, about people like myself writing about this story. I was at work, and since I’m not unemployed, the blog post is going up now. I find it rich that a site whose one of their main drivers of traffic is middle age men gossiping like they’re children on silly forums chastising content producers for writing about an obvious topic. Anyways, Manziel would go on and delete his Twitter account. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe, he had enough with all of the haters because Manziel made a relatively positive comment about Trump. But his account did return at some point this evening with the TexasAgs stuff deleted from his account.

We shall see if Trump takes JFF’s advice. Since taking office, we really haven’t seen a Twitter rant from President Trump. He’s saying stuff that you’d expect to hear from a President. That being said, it doesn’t mean he’s not saying dumb things to people in public.


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