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Can Graham Mertz Silence The Haters This Season?

Caleb Williams, the uber-talented quarterback, is not coming to Wisconsin. After some believe that Williams would come here due to his relationships with players and teams within the program, that didn’t happen. Williams went to USC like he had planned all along and followed head

Caleb Williams To Badgers Seems More Like A Reality Than A Dream

Wisconsin Badgers had a good, not great year. It’s been what Wisconsin has done for the last few years. There is a fear from some in Badgers country that Wisconsin took a step back while Michigan took a step forward and Ohio State is, well,

PODCAST: Paul Chryst’s Seat Isn’t Warm But Changes Are Needed For Wisconsin

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Charlie, the host, talks about the Wisconsin Badgers, sports betting in Wisconsin, and the Packers’ playoff seeding today. Charlie discusses why the Wisconsin Badgers loss on Saturday should not mean that Paul Chryst is on the

Barstool Sports Is Selling Badgers’ Collin Wilder’s Grit Factory Hats

Barstool Sports does not usually miss a good opportunity for merchandise. If they see something, a meme or a moment, that is worth capitalizing they likely take advantage of it. In this case, Colin Wilder was on the sidelines with his teammates wearing a ‘Grit

Badgers Betting Preview: Wisconsin vs. Army

Wisconsin Badgers head home to take on Army after being on the road last week against Illinois. Wisconsin won 24-0. They saw a dominant defensive performance and the potential breakout of Braelon Allen. From a betting perspective, they covered. Everyone liked Illinois +11 or +12,

Wolverines 38 Badgers 17: Wisconsin Off To Worst Start Since 1990

Wisconsin Badgers are down bad. There’s no other way to put it. Wisconsin is in a situation where they have lost yet another football game. The Badgers are 1-3 this season thanks to a brutal schedule. But as pointed in the review, if you’re the

Stay Away From Betting The Badgers

This weekend, Wisconsin Badgers get ready to take on the Michigan Wolverines. It is one of the big matchups in a huge Saturday of college football. Wisconsin is trying to avoid going 1-3 for the first time since 1990. Yes, that might seem crazy, but

Big Noon Saturday Is Great For FOX & No One Else

On Saturday at 11:00 am, Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt will get ready to call Wisconsin and Notre Dame from Soldier Field. It will be a part of FOX’s Big Noon Saturday. Wisconsin will get very familiar with the Big Noon Saturday lifestyle. They have

Wisconsin Badgers-Eastern Michigan Betting Preview

Last week, we did ‘Should I Bet On My Team’ on both the podcast and social media. Hopefully, y’all listened to the podcast, but if you didn’t, here is the betting preview for Wisconsin and Eastern Michigan. We went 0-1 last week with trusting Wisconsin

Don’t Show Badgers’ Fans Jack Coan’s Stat Line From Last Night

Jack Coan won the Notre Dame job in training camp. Coan became the Notre Dame starter after multiple years in Madison. The Badgers decided to push forward with Graham Mertz, not Coan. Right now, Badgers fans cannot be too happy about that one. Mertz had